A Harmonious Blend of
People, Place and Vision

Summit Sky Ranch is truly a new paradigm in mountain home ownership. Gone are the days of crowded multi-family living. Welcome to a single-family home community designed to fit into the landscape rather than altering the landscape to accommodate the architecture. Explore our homes.


The Highland Home
3,040 SQ. FT.
4 BED / 4.5 BATH
The Sky Ascent Home
2,500 SQ. FT.
4 BED / 3.5 BATH
The Summit Home
3,431 SQ. FT.
4 BED / 4.5 BATH
The Peak Home
2,855 SQ. FT.
3 BED / 3.5 BATH
The Ptarmigan Home
2,720 SQ. FT.
4 BED / 4.5 BATH


The Lake Ascent Cabin
2,150 SQ. FT.
3 BED / 3 BATH
The Valhalla Ascent Cabin
2,149 SQ. FT.
4 BED / 3.5 BATH
The Powell Cabin
2,030 SQ. FT.
3 BED / 3 BATH

Site Plan

Summit Sky Ranch is a community of 240 single-family properties built brilliantly to blend into the 416-acre property. With a focus on open space and conservation, and maintaining an active, vibrant community, our lots and home options are designed to combine the organic shapes of a mountain property with the clean lines of modern styling and architecture.

See the Future of Mountain
Home Ownership


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