A warm winter is speeding up construction projects in the High Country

That’s the refrain from up high these days in Colorado, where a warm and dry winter in the mountains has buoyed construction projects. Crews were digging foundations in February and are patching pools in March. Spending hours building instead of shoveling. Not worrying about mud and mothballing special machinery to warm outdoor job sites.

While the dearth of snow has pinched resorts and tourist-dependent communities, the High Country economy’s stalwart construction industry is thriving in this winter that wasn’t much of one.

“Absolutely we are benefiting from the mild winter. Any little leniency the weather gives us we are excited about,” said Matt Mueller, the director of development at the 240-home, 416-acre Summit Sky Ranch community in Silverthorne.


Instead of shoveling snow and clearing job sites, Muller’s crews are cementing stone to retaining walls and grading a lake bed this month. They are plastering the pool at the clubhouse and testing boilers. These are not wintertime tasks.